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Baby Hands

"Baby Hands" is a short documentary that explores the life of Jimmy Bighans, a man who's hands have never grown. It features his life since he was a child, and also focuses on his everyday struggles.

Monster Party

I am the storyboard artist for the animated short film Monster Party, directed by Wille Colon. The film is a combination of live action backgrounds, with 2D animated characters and follows a group of monsters accidentally partying too hard and destroying a city. This was made using Photoshop.

Indianapolis Speech

Taking the script from Jaws and using Storyboard Pro, I have given visuals to the story that Quint tells in the cabin. In the movie, there are only a few cuts in a four minute long sequence, all being of them in the boat. I thought it would be fun to give life to the story and paint a vivid picture of what might have happened.

Noah's Arc

Using the dialogue from one of Bill Cosby's comedy acts, this is a scene where Noah gets fed up with God and his crazy demands for the arc. Using Storyboard Pro I have given this act visuals to go with this story.

Satan's New Job

This is a story that answers the question "What if Satan left his dayjob and decided to become an elementary school teacher?" Written and recorded by me and made in Storyboard Pro.

Fish Folly Boards

The boards made for my short film "Fish Folly" that you can find on my animation page. Done in Storyboard Pro, these show the beginnings of a little girl wishing for the wrong thing.

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